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Whoop, a newbie.

2014-03-12 10:56:03 by IcedFoxPro

So. Hello.

A quick intro, cause I'm totally new. I'm Mari, I'm 20, and I'm from the UK. I make animation and do arty things because I enjoy it, and because I can.

I'm not looking for attention, money, or any other form of anything aside from enjoyment from watching other people's work, so PLEASE, keep hateful comments away c:

Aside from that, enjoy the SINGLE animation I have up on here so far, and I will be uploading many more soon.



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2014-03-12 11:46:55

Pretty nice so do you do music too?

IcedFoxPro responds:

I didn't on that animation, but I do, yes (:


2014-03-12 11:47:17

or make music


2014-05-17 09:14:45

Your lgbt animation contributed absolutely nothing new to the topic. You merely repeated the already overused credo of the liberal propaganda machine. No nothing. Also you very naively approach a very delicate subject and make statements in your video that cannot be yet substantiated. For example: child adoption. The healthy psychosexual development of a child requires TWO...that is 2 gender models: a male and a female. Of course, in your little propaganda video you don't seek to seek to push a certain view no matter how irresposible. Bad show!


2016-10-30 01:29:39

Welcome to NG :)